NEW VIP Reading Packages Available!!!

For a while now I have had a few clients ask for monthly packages to be put together. It only makes sense.. who doesn’t want to get a good deal?! πŸ˜‰ So I have come up with the 3 following packages that pretty much include everything that clients are wanting!! IF you get package 3 and want the phone option, we will set up a time each week.. if you want the call the same time too every week, that might be possible! There is $200 off if you are a direct client, for clients utilizing online companies the price is reflective of the commissions paid. I wanted to go ahead and share this on the blog for anyone who might not know that I offer it!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

About Andi

I'm a psychic, work at home, homeschooling mom and one of the most down to earth, honest people you'll meet! I have no problem "telling it like it is", though I'm not a complete b*tch about it!! LOL! I hope to make the world a better place.... eventually. I'm somewhat of a procrastinator! ;) Some of my services I offer are tarot, astrology, rune, numerology, and crystal readings. I'm a Reiki master and perform crystal and auric healing. Some areas I can help in: love and relationships, cheating and affairs, divorce, career, finances, parenting, indigo, crystal, and special needs children, spirituality, psychic development, manifesting, and energy working.
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