Weekend Love Forecast

Ohhh drat.. so once again I haven’t been able to keep the momentum with getting those Tarotscopes out every week!! I will somewhat blame it on Mercury retrograde coming to an end.. those last 2 weeks always seem to get me! One of these days I WILL be able to get a routine down with my blog, but for now with all the chaos that is life.. it’ll happen as it happens! BUT, I do have the pleasure of at least giving you your Weekend Love Forecast over at LivePerson! So I hope you enjoy and if you need a reading, feel free to send me an email, message at Facebook or send me a quick IM through Digsby on the right side of this page if I’m available!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

About Andi

I'm a psychic, work at home, homeschooling mom and one of the most down to earth, honest people you'll meet! I have no problem "telling it like it is", though I'm not a complete b*tch about it!! LOL! I hope to make the world a better place.... eventually. I'm somewhat of a procrastinator! ;) Some of my services I offer are tarot, astrology, rune, numerology, and crystal readings. I'm a Reiki master and perform crystal and auric healing. Some areas I can help in: love and relationships, cheating and affairs, divorce, career, finances, parenting, indigo, crystal, and special needs children, spirituality, psychic development, manifesting, and energy working.
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